Research & Development

Participating in several on-going national and European projects, tenders & proposals we have managed to recognized as Leading agency creating specialized applications in

➢ Defence & security
➢ Data Control Centre
➢ Risk analysis & Risk Management
➢ Mesh Networtks for mission critical
➢ Innovative Access control Systems
➢ Disaster & contigency Planning

Mobile applications

➢ Security & Resilience
➢ Embedded Systems Programming
➢ Secure mobile Transactions
➢ Maritime industry
➢ IoT, monitoring and data fusion, data aggregation, sensor connectivity to the Internet and the cloud
➢ Big data analytics

Cradle of research and innovation by developing user friendly

➢ GIS & 3D Gis applications
➢ Geopositioning
➢ Satellite data management
➢ Fleet management
➢ Data Fusion
➢ Maritime Applications

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