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Enthalpy-Ltd is a limited liability company of share capital, founded in 2006 as a provider of integrated software projects, consulting & management services to government and non-governmental entities-organizations and commercial customers. It provides high technology solutions and services that require high-quality in every aspect of a project, from planning to delivery and documentation.

Business Intelligence

BI technologies provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations.

Risk & Security Assessment

The goal of the assessment it to identify the risks and vulnerabilities

ICT Consulting

Enthalpy’s IT services refers to the entirety of activities – directed by policies

Understanding the Cyber Security

Cyber Security Services

Effectively managing IT and cybersecurity risk requires specialized expertise.

Exceed - Endure - excel

Created by scientists in the field of IT and new technologies, with extensive knowledge of market needs is focusing on developing innovative applications tailored exactly to the needs of each project, came to give bones to the vision of our people who believe that any solution that is designed by our company is unique as are the needs resulting from a thorough analysis.

Our customer retention remains high because of the consistent value we provide. Enthalpy-Ltd also strives to be flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of our clients. We ensure that our solutions remain viable, but that we are aware of new challenges, and that we are always ready to assist. Today has managed to represent in the minds of ICT market as a unique value-added partner.


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“Following similar deployment framework as the “Smart City” projects, the deployment of the Smart Maritime initiative is announced with the participation of Enthalpy-Ltd. Main targets of the initiative are:

  • Provide an integrated test bed for the maritime domain, covering novel communications solutions (e.g., 5G), IoMT and data management.
  • Provide an open base platform for smart ports-smart vessels.
  • Provide a test platform for Internet of Maritime things and respective communication solutions.
  • Enable the fund raising for the sustainability of the platform.”

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